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Affordable property investment for everyone

Property Investment

Zooky provides socially responsible, community centric & high yield property investments for as little as $100.
Zooky's Social Mobility & community Property investment platform

How Zooky works

We are passionate about supporting communities and property social mobility.

Our Zooky property experts carefully select Canadian properties based on their growth and income potential. These properties make up a housing portfolio that is broken into thousands of property tokens. Tokens are then sold to project backers like you through our property sharing platform.

The Zooky model of real estate sharing creates stable and affordable rental housing opportunities in Canadian communities for seniors, families, and individuals.

Once a property is rented each property investor will receive an annual bonus of 2-3% based on rental income and can sell their property tokens on the Zooky exchange at any time based on the property’s current market value. This means that anyone can participate in the housing market and together we can create more stable and affordable rental housing in our communities.

Socially responsible property sharing platform

Particpate in property for as little as $100
Helping Meet community housing needs
Our digital platform lowers costs and participation barriers

An affordable, smart, and socially responsible way for you to participate in real estate.

The Zooky Community Property SHARING Platform offers a comparable ROI to that of a traditional property investment or REIT, while removing barriers such as large initial investment amounts.

Property Experts

Zooky property experts research and select quality properties for a portfolio.​

Participate In Property

Start participating with as little as $100 and watch your property portfolio grow on the Zooky platform.

Property Appreciation

Sell your property tokens when you choose to, based on current real estate market values.

Property Tokens

Properties are broken into smaller more affordable tokens that you can buy.

Quarterly Bonus

Earn rental income deposited to your account based on how many property tokens you own.

Imagine supporting your community while earning strong returns on your money.

Participate in community real estate and receive 7-9%* on your money while creating stable community housing opportunties.

* the 7-9% is made up of estimated rental income and historical property appreciation levels

Learn more about our community property investment platofrm

Additional Information

Zooky is technology company and a real estate platform. We are providing strong investment opportunities for people while using those funds for positive community impact.

Our technical platform enables us to break properties into small pieces. We then sell those pieces to people who can then trade them on the Zooky platform. Because our processes are so efficient we able to lower the barriers to entry to enable anyone to invest in real estate.

Zooky Social Mobility aims to help working families live where they work. Through community feedback it is clear that families are having a tough time finding stable and affordable places to live.

Zooky Social Mobility addresses this through its Propety Sharing Platform by providing stability, cost savings and a unique model that gives Zooky Property tenants monthly Zooky Property Tokens that they can use to help them move up the property ladder.

While Zooky’s investment models offer the same strong return on investment as a REIT, there are 3 important advantages:

  • Social Investments – the funds from Zooky Social Mobility projects go back to positively impact community.
  • The initial investment in a REIT hovers around $5k to $10k and sometimes $50k or higher but Zooky’s initial costs are less than $100.
  • You can trade your Zooky Property Tokens at any time on the Zooky platform. Our platform offers real time liquidity. Whereas a REIT locks in your funds for years.

While Zooky will ultimately offer funds that are comprised of all sorts of different types of properties, our initial portfolio consists of apartments and condos that can afford families a happy and stress free lifestyle.

Most people will use Zooky as an investment vehicle to earn strong returns on their hard earned money. While some will use Zooky as a place to find a stable place to live. And some others will use Zooky to help fund community development projects.