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Social Mobility PROJECT

The Zooky Social Mobility project is a community-centric property project that provides stable and affordable homes for working families.

Property Token Pool
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Bonus* (annual)
Property Appreciation** (annual)

* The bonus is made up of rental income and is paid to project backerss every quarter. It can vary based changing costs and market conditions.

** Property appreciation is based on the average annual property appreciation across Canada. The actual appreciation will be determined by prevailing market conditions. 

Project Goals

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The Zooky Social Mobility Project has been created using a blend of disruptive technology and an innate belief from the founders that property rental for working families should be stable, enjoyable and centered around the fundamental need to provide a balanced and consistant lifestyle. We believe the existing rental market has created a hostile ‘bidding’ environment from which family home life is periodically impacted negatively, generating high levels of disruptions and prolonged levels of stress. We believe this negativity is counter intuitive for the wellbeing of our societies and creates a negative and harmful environment for families to grow and flourish within our communities.

The Zooky Social Mobility Fund has been created to address, directly, these real challenges through the use of fractional investment technology tools that will not only overcome this but will also compete directly with current Real Estate Investment Trusts.

We asked people the following – “If you could invest in a fund that would directly invest your hard earned $ in projects that would build better communities while giving you competitive and comparable ROI would you seriously consider such an investment fund?”

Everyone one contacted said YES they would.

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Social Mobility Stories

As we open and complete our social mobility projects, we will share and engage our families with our fund supporters. You will see the human and emotional impact of your investment so you can share in the success with your wider communities.


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