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How it works

The Zooky Property Sharing platform creates stable housing while offering strong returns for property project backers.

Zooky Frictionless Sale
Creating instant real estate transactions

At some point a home seller, real estate agent or broker will want to sell a property. The Zooky Property Sharing Platform makes for a low barrier, fast and simple way to sell a property.

This is what we call a Zooky Frictionless Sale™. We remove the problematic subjects, questions about financing and inconvenient posession timing. This smooth and seamless process enables fast transactions, lowering costs for everyone.

presenting the new way of property conveyancing

The property is placed on the Zooky Property Sharing Platform and ‘fractionalized’, turned into thousands of property tokens that are then sold to property project backers               .

Zooky Property Tokens
Zooky Investor Yield
Strong returns through stable projects

Zooky project backers receive a quarterly bonus from rental income. Backers can sell their property tokens at any time with other backers. This realtime market liquidity is unique to both the Zooky Property Sharing Platform and other real estate investment platforms.

Stable housing opportunties and a recurring revenue stream

With the property fractionalized and those property tokens sold to property project backers, a housing opportunity has been made available. At this point Zooky will place a tenant in the property, creating a steady and recurring revenue stream for both Zooky and the project backers.

Zooky Social Mobility

Using disruptive technologies to decrease frictions and lower barriers to entry.

Through the use of blockchain technology, we are able to automate the processs of property purchase to property management to tenant support. The Zooky blockchain is built on the tried and true Ethereum platform to ensure transaction integrity and reliable performance.


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